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2849 Sweet Gum Way, Grove City, OH 43123, USA

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Hardwood Flooring Installation & Refinishing Services that Stand the Test of Time

Buckeye Hardwood is a small employee-owned company that has taken a stance to only install & restore REAL hardwood floors: 3/4” thick tongue and groove hardwood flooring, strip or plank, site finished using the finest available finishes. With this focus, we are able to control every step in installing, dollar for dollar, the most durable and beautiful floors in the world.

Our sales are generated from referrals, this website, and several central Ohio home-shows. There is no tile flooring on this site. There isn’t any “pre-finished” flooring, no Pergo, no laminates, no linoleum, no “floating-floors”, and no carpet. Just old-school hardwood flooring, site-finished using the latest technologies.

Google Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars (15 total ratings)

Josh Weese
1 Star
I thought "eh, one bad review, probably just an odd client" - NOPE!! SAME issues!! DO NOT USE HIM.. he was nice initially, laid back, etc, but from there the issues started to mount.. he was supposed to match up the existing floor (white oak) and stain it as close as he could get it, but he laid red oak and sealed it, when approached he blew up and literally walked out, DO NOT give him your final payment until you've very thoroughly inspected his work!! There were damaged cabinets that had to be repaired AND replaced, gapped flooring to a toe kick because he started laying on the wrong side of the room, elevated spots in the floor, it looks like there is transitions strips in front of the cabinets and even thats gapped 😑, transition strip that is crooked in front of the bathroom door and had to notch it to put on the casing for the door, getting cussed out because a floor wasn't swept to 'his liking'.. ultimtely would've been way more than willing to work with him, he could've had a rough day, personal stuff, but the constant blow ups and refusing to even talk about something is beyond me, if there was a ZERO STAR i'd give him that one.. had to get another crew to come in and sand, color match, then stain and seal it and they were done in 3 days.. Tom only worked a few hours a day and left no later than 1:30 everyday 🤦‍♂️... ***BE AWARE*** Tom will try to shrug it off on bad reviews and say "I've never met them and he doesn't know them" amongst other things
Thursday 28th March 2024
Serena Day
1 Star
We hired Tom to install new hardwood floors into an addition that was adjacent to a 1940s house. The plan was to stain and finish to close match the old hardwood floors. Of course we knew there would not be an exact match. On the day that we assumed was to be the day to stain we were told "I would never stain these floors, they won't match" and repeatedly "The only way to match these floors is to redo the whole house" - which is specifically what we talk about avoiding when he was hired. After we offered to pay for the additional services, he refused to finish the job and WALKED OUT. Thankfully we were able to find another company (Vic's Floors) to come in and sand/stain and match the floors. Only then did we uncover what a sloppy job was done by Tom. First of all - he told us the existing floors were red oak and thus we bought red oak. Wrong, they are white oak floors which is noticeably different even with the fantastic rescue job by Vic and his team. Then came the poor craftsmanship. For example - there was a lip between old and new floors - big enough to trip on that had to be sanded down by Vic. He had pushed one of the cabinet panels out while trying to make the floors fit around existing cabinets- damaging our brand new cabinets so that panel had to be rebuilt. Nothing was flush because he started laying the floors from the wall rather than TO the wall (so it would be covered by trim) so now we have to put 1/4 round trim all around the floors to make it look right. We are also discovering that nothing was leveled and we have dips and divots in the new floors going into different rooms. He was also apparently very confrontational with our contractors (who we have had zero issues with) and they had never seen anything like this work. Overall terribly disappointing and frustrating. If I could rip them out and start over with someone new I would hands down. Terrible craftsmanship and even worse customer service. Absolutely do not use this company you will be left with a headache and a half. See other reviews.
Wednesday 27th March 2024
Jason Willis
5 Star
It's been several years since we had Tom refinish our floors, and they still look amazing. This guy knows hardwood like no other. Between his knowledge of wood species and how wood reacts to stain, you can't go wrong with Buckeye Hardwood!
Saturday 30th March 2024
Nathan Bishop
1 Star
Regrettably, my wife's and I experience with Tom, the owner of Buckeye Hardwood, was far from satisfactory when we enlisted his services to install new hardwood floors in an addition to our 1940s home. The objective was to achieve a stain and finish that would closely resemble our existing hardwood floors, fully understanding that an exact match might be unattainable. However, the outcome and the process were both deeply disappointing. Contrary to our initial agreement, on what we believed was the staining day, Tom abruptly declared that he would not stain the new floors, insisting they could never match and suggesting a complete overhaul of the entire house's flooring to achieve uniformity. This was a stark deviation from our discussions to avoid such an extensive project. Despite our willingness to cover the costs for any additional services required to complete the job as discussed, Tom chose to abandon the project entirely. Our situation took a turn for the better only after we engaged Vic's Floors. Their intervention not only highlighted the possibility of achieving a satisfactory match but also exposed the substandard workmanship of Buckeye Hardwood. Thanks to Vic's team we learned that our existing floors were white oak, contrary to Tom's assertion that they were red oak, was just the beginning. This misidentification significantly impacted the overall aesthetic, despite Vic's team's amazing color matching efforts. The craftsmanship, or lack thereof, was further evidenced by several glaring issues. A pronounced lip between the old and new floors presented a tripping hazard, necessitating additional sanding. Damage was inflicted upon our brand-new cabinets due to improper floor fitting attempts, requiring repairs to a displaced cabinet panel. The installation approach resulted in an unprofessional finish, with floors starting from the wall instead of towards it, leaving unsightly gaps that now require quarter-round trim to conceal. Moreover, the lack of leveling has led to noticeable dips and divots across the new flooring, contributing to an uneven and unsatisfactory finish. To compound matters, Tom's interactions with our other contractors were marked by unnecessary confrontation, a sentiment echoed by professionals who have otherwise maintained a flawless record of cooperation on our projects. In summary, our experience with Buckeye Hardwood was profoundly unsatisfactory, characterized by poor craftsmanship and even poorer customer service. The inconvenience and additional expenses incurred to rectify the myriad of issues left us wishing we could start over with a different provider. I strongly advise against using this company, as it is likely to result in significant frustration and disappointment.
Friday 29th March 2024
Kim Cramer
5 Star
Buckeye Hardwood refinished several floors in my home, was able to repair and refinish a hallway badly damaged by pet stains, and installed Nustairs treads and risers, along with beautifully handcrafted handrails. I could not have been more pleased .
Saturday 6th April 2024